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Windamere has strict policies and procedures to maintain a high level of care and to keep your pet and our team as safe as possible at all times. Please check the below ‘frequently asked questions’ to assist in anything queries you may have.

What animals do you board?

What animals don’t we board? We have first class dog and cat accommodations, and also house all sorts of feathered, finned and scaled animals. If you’re unsure if we will board your pet, feel free to get in touch.

What do I need to bring?

At a minimum we ask you bring the following:

  • A copy of their current vaccination (A photo on a smart phone to display is fine and accepted)
  • Their food clearly labelled and properly sealed with instructions (We are happy to supply our own if you wish)
  • An emergency contact who was the power to make decisions on your behalf in the event you are traveling internationally or will be un-contactable during your pets stay. Windamere can and suggest allowing us to supply our own bedding during the stay.

What about vaccinations?

Most animals require certain vaccinations before we are able to board them. Please check the kennel or cattery page for dogs and cats, and the Other Pets page for other animals. If you are unsure please get in touch.

Windamere DOES NOT keep vaccination record for every pet. Vaccinations change regularly and it is on you to ensure you have the correct information before boarding. We are proud to offer strict vaccination, disease and illness policies which keep the risk as low as possible, this is just on of the ways we achieve this level of care.

What do you feed animals?

We have our preferred feed for cats and dogs. We feed our dogs the premium food of  Royal Canin, while cats are predominantly fed Whiskas wet & Royal Canin dry. If your animal is on a different diet we strongly suggest supplying their own food to avoid upset stomachs. Please portion their meals and clearly label them and supply instructions.

Do you administer medication?

We are happy to administer medication/supplements to your pet during their stay, however, a surcharge may occur.

We do ask that medication comes in it’s original packaging with veterinary instructions. Your administering instructions must match the packet or an accompanying letter from the administering Vet will be required to confirm dosage and frequencies.

Please discuss medications when making your booking.

What happens if my pet need veterinary attention?

Depending on the injury or illness will depend on our course of action. In the event of an emergency your pet will be taken directly to the closest emergency hospital out of normal business hours and our consulting vet clinic during business hours. Once we have arrived one of our team will contact you or your nominated emergency contact.

If the injury or illness is not pressing the kennel team will administer first aid and contact yourself or your nominated emergency contact to inform and ask what you would like us to do moving forward.

In the event no one can be contacted, the kennel team will act as they deem in the best interest of your pet with no cap on expenditure.

My pet has recently had surgery or had an injury, can they still board?

This all depends on the nature of the treatment nor injury. Recent cruciate or ACL surgeries will not be allowed to board as we cannot guarantee exacerbating the injury. In the event of your dog being ill or injured it is best to contact us immediately to see if we will still accept the animal to avoid disappointment.

Your administering vet does not have the right to deem whether or not we will or will not accept them.

Can I board for just one night?

Absolutely! However there is a minimum of 2 day charge.

Do you accept aggressive or anxious animals?

Windamere is proud to have onsite experienced and qualified behaviour staff who assist the Windamere team to address and care for dogs with specific behavioural needs. If you feel your dog may need specific behavioural care please contact us prior to boarding.

Can my animals share accommodation?

Yes we do allow some of our guests to share accommodation however there are some restrictions. Animals sharing accommodation must BOTH be neutered, of similar size (No Chihuahua’s sharing with Great Danes), and be of good nature. Animals presenting behavioural issues must be boarded separate for their own safety. Windamere does reserve the right to separate should they deem it necessary.

How far ahead should I book?

During the high season – Christmas, Easter, School & Public Holidays, it is a good idea to book 3-6 months in advance for pet boarding to avoid disappointment. Our bookings during these times have a minimum booking requirement

School Holidays minimum charge 3 days

Long Weekend minimum board charge is 4 days

Easter minimum charge is 5 days

Christmas minimum charge is 8 days

All bookings placed will need a nonrefundable booking fee placed at the time of booking to confirm and secure your pets stay with us.

Will my dogs get to socialise with others?

During your dogs holiday they absolutely will have the ability to socialise with as many or little others as they please.

However, dogs from separate families cannot socialise physically for their own safety and safety of others. Socialistion is often misunderstood as ‘physical play’ but it is best defined when dogs enjoy ‘positive experiences’ in the presence of other dogs and people.

As experts in canine behaviour, correct and safe socilaisation is an important element of any dog and especially in the care of others and we take our guest physical and mental safety extremely seriously.

Can I book an tour of the facilities?

We’re happy to give you a tour, however to keep from disturbing the animals tours are by appointment only and only within opening hours. Please contact us to book an appointment.

Please note that we cannot take members of the general public through our internal areas because;

  1. Disease and infection control: A large number of disease and illness can be spread on our shoes and clothing, staff take special precaution to keep our guests and their own pets safe but for this we cannot allow the general public.
  2. Well-being: Strange and unfamiliar people coming through the internal kennels can put a heavy amount of unwanted stress on our current guests. The health and safety of our current guests is paramount and will always be our main concern.
  3. Security: Windamere is designed to give our clients as much security during their stay giving their guardians peace of mind. For this reason we also cannot allow members of the general public down through the internal structure.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, you can find our policy on refund here.

🐣✨ Windamere Easter Hours! ✨🐣

As we hop into the Easter season, Our opening hours will change as we focus on the care of our guests to ensure everyone has a cozy and joyful time.

🌸 Our Schedule 🌸
- THU 28th: Open as usual
- FRI 29th to SUN 31st: CLOSED
- MON 1st: Open only, 4-5.30PM
- TUE 2nd: Back to our regular hours

💌 During this special time, our team will be dedicating their efforts to providing the best care for our guests. This means our office is also closed. Should you need to reach out, please do so at, and we’ll respond as soon as we can!

Wishing you all a beautiful and safe Easter long weekend. Let’s make it memorable! 💖

#EasterHours #HappyEaster #SafeLongWeekend
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