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  • Cat Boarding Kennels in Adelaide

At Windamere our modern Cattery is secure, cosy and peaceful. We understand majority of cats tend to stress quite easily and it’s important to keep them secluded and private, away from the rest of the animals.

The suites are spacious and litters are cleaned daily as we aim to provide maximum comfort for your cat(s). If you have several cats and would like them to be housed together, we can accommodate this.

Our special features include:

  • Beautiful garden settings.
  • Inside and outside access for your cat to enjoy at their own pleasure.
  • Piped music though out complex.
  • Air-conditioned and heated facility
  • Administering of medication as requested.
  • All meals nutritiously balanced.
  • Bedding is provided (most welcome to bring own toys)


Peak Pricing (incl. Friday – Sunday, school and public holidays)

1 cat (1 condo) = $22
2 cat (1 condo) = $39
3 cat (1 condo) = $58

Non-Peak Discount

1 cat (1 condo) = $21
2 cat (1 condo) = $38
3 cat (1 condo) = $56

Fees are charged per calendar day including day of arrival and departure.

Non-Refundable and non-transferable deposits are required to place bookings.

We can not reserve condos without a deposit.


All Cats are required to be current with the below vaccinations. We ask to sight the Vaccination Certificate to ensure your cat has been vaccinated during the last 12 months before boarding. If first vaccination, it must have been done at least 2 weeks before they board with us for full cover. This helps ensure the health and well-being of your pets and all pets under our care. All other guest must not have had their vaccine administered with less then 7 days before boarding.

Cats require vaccine protection against 3 diseases:

  1. Feline Enteritis (also called panleukopenia)
  2. Cat Flu – Calici Virus
  3. Rhinotracheitis Virus


We strongly suggest bringing your cats own food so they can enjoy something familiar and avoid upset tummies. We can supply food and choose to feed our cats premium food, predominantly Whiskas & Black Hawk.

Heating & Cooling

Windamere facilities are air-conditioned and heated to maintain our accommodation at optimal temperatures for our guest all year round.

Pet Taxi

Cannot make it to deliver or collect your pooch within our opening times? No worries, the Windamere Taxi may be able to come and collect/deliver your dog from/to your home or workplace.

Pet Taxi is by appointment only and fees are determined by distance of travel. Contact us to discover availability and pricing.

How far ahead should I book?

During the high Season – Christmas, Easter, School & Public Holidays, it is a good idea to book 3-6 months in advance for pet boarding to avoid disappointment. Our bookings during these times have a minimum booking requirement

Holidays & Minimum Stays

School Holidays minimum charge 3 days

Long Weekend minimum board charge is 4 days

Easter minimum charge is 5 days

Christmas minimum charge is 8 days

All bookings placed over the Easter and Christmas holidays will a nonrefundable deposit placed at the time of booking to confirm and secure your pets stay with us

Should you decide to collect your pet early during Christmas & Easter periods the original booking duration will still be charged.


We are happy to administer medication/supplements to your pet during their stay, however a surcharge may occur. Please discuss this when making your booking.

Prescribed medications will be adhered to, unless otherwise advised by the administering Veterinarian. Please ensure that your medication is properly labelled and comes in it original packaging so that we can adhere to the Veterinary instructions and/or in case any follow up is required by our staff.

All guests needing medication receive a $5 per day surcharge.

Guest receiving Insulin must provide a fresh needle for each day of their stay and special precautions and policies are followed. We ask all guest on insulin only arrive for boarding during our morning opening hours so they have the day to settle in.

All guests needing insulin receive a $8 per day surcharge.

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