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Check out our gallery below, and head to Instagram to see the rest of our best and brightest!

When you find the one ☝️

Animal carer Kate has found her new man! We think Banjo is one lucky fella 😉

#youretheonethatiwant #lovestfirstsniff

Yes that’s right!
We now have a resident groomer! ✂️🐩

Animal Carer Chloe doubles as a groomer, and she would love to help out with your furry friends!

Chloe has proven to go above and beyond for her guests and clients and we would love to see her thrive even more in her element!

All grooms include:
⭐️Bath and Dry
⭐️Nails Clipped
⭐️Eye and Ear clean
⭐️Anal glands expressed

And don’t forget… dogs who are boarding will receive beautiful discounts! So don’t forget to ask while checking in 😉

Contact us at to find out our availabilities and what we can do for you and you four legged friends 😍

#pampertime #treatyourself

My name is Halo and I’m here to check myself in for a holiday of a lifetime!

I want all the runs, and toys! Oh! And all the treatos my four paws and chompers can hold!

#yourwishismycommand #vacationvibes

Let’s have a little fun tonight!

We dare you to drop below the last photo your took of your pets ⬇️

And no cheating 😉


This is my perch and I’ll sit on it if I want to 💁

#catsonly #bosscat

Um escuuuuse me... breakfast time was exactly 10 seconds ago!

#kittybehungry #ticktock

😄 We want smiles and we want them now! 😄

Handsome man Jax showed us how big he can smile on his recent stay here with us.

Can your pet smile as big as Jax?

Bonus points for photos 📸⬇️

#showmetheteefies #saycheese

Rocky was a wee bit upset he wasn’t featured in yesterday’s post...

So here we present...

The Revenge of the 5th!

...Ha! Get it 🤣

#revengeofthefifth #shouldvebeenamodel

May the 4th be with you!

Some of Jedi and Sith doggos representing both the light and dark side today 😂🐾

Happy Star Wars Day ❤️⭐

#maythe4th #starwarsday